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Name:Elizabeth DeWitt earned the power of self respect
Birthdate:Oct 10

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Elizabeth is 5'6" and has a very petite build. She has black hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. Her right pinky finger ends at the second knuckle and she normally wears a thimble to cover it. She tends to wear black, white, and blue clothing that is both stylish and comfortable. She'll often be wearing a loose blue or black skirt along with a light sweater or long sleeved t-shirt. Her baby sling is almost always on her, with a tiny baby girl safely tucked inside. At the moment Elizabeth wears very little makeup, but she is well groomed and only looks a little tired. When she is feeling more rested her clothing and make up will become sharper and more stylish, as that is her default state.

Elizabeth's universe appears mundane at first but it housed first one then two scientists who could open tears between dimensions. This technology enabled a city to fly, which is where Elizabeth grew up. She was able to travel between universes herself for most of her life, due to an accident when she was a baby. She traveled through time and eventually found herself in a submarine city in 1959. This city was the source of plasmids, which rewrite a person's genetic code and give them superpowers. She also has experience with a somewhat standard modern town in SoCal, a remote city infested with vampires, and a tropical island where magic was all around her.

This journal is for role playing purposes only. I am not affiliated with anyone who owns the Bioshock IP, nor am I in any way related to, representing, or authorized by Dita Von Teese to use her pictures for this journal.
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